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A Southampton Estate
Great Plains Road, Southampton, NY
   A renovation, with new construction, of a historic SH estate -
    restored house and garage, new pool house and swimming
    pool, and new landscaping and gates.

   The house was completely restored. Restored original double
    cypress shingles. A new wood shingle roof. All windows and 
    doors replaced with double paned energy efficient windows     
    and doors. A new pine paneled library. Miscellaneous other    
    renovations to the interior.

   Two new porches were added to the house providing shading
    from the sun and comfortable outdoor spaces. 

   The existing garage, which functioned as a pool house, has
    been renovated into a garage and guest house. It has been
    clad in wood shingles to match the existing house with new
    railing at top and an open pergola/porch has been added to
    the front. The interior has been completely renovated. 

   A new “Chinese Regency” style pool house and swimming
    pool balance the existing tennis court. 

   Black/white photographs are before and during construction. 
    Color photographs are after construction.
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